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Ooltewah Chiropractor, Dr. Donald Shelby

Ooltewah Chiropractic and Total HealthLike many Chiropractors, Dr Shelby's Career path was influenced and inspired by his own experience with Chiropractic. Dr Shelby's story is about stumbling on Chiropractic in an effort to find relief from headaches resulting from a car accident. The headaches he experienced after the accident were of an intensity that he had never had before. He first sought the traditional medical model for relief, but after having spent a considerable amount of time and money for relief he found that he was left with a headache that medicine would not cure. Willing to now look at options he had not considered before, a friend told him about her great chiropractor. Skeptical and hesitant, he pursued this approach. To his surprise and amazement, not only did he find the chiropractor to be professional and caring, he found immediate relief on the first treatment. This was such a wonderful surprise to discover this and it inspired him to pursue Chiropractic as a mission and a career and to share this misunderstood gem of a profession with the world.

Dr Shelby attended Chiropractic School at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was passionate and excited to finally learn how to help others the way he had been helped. Although he was excited to be in school, he still needed everything proven to him. He wanted to make sure there was a scientific explanation for all of this. He was ready to challenge his professors and basic chiropractic theory. He found out quickly that they did not need his help proving anything at all. Everything had already been proven, tested, and rooted deeply in sound science, theory, and principle. The next four years he spent immersed in chemistry, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology, diagnosis, adjusting skills, x-ray analysis, and nutrition. He had finally found what he had been looking for: a way to assist people in achieving optimal health and wellness through natural methods!

Dr Shelby's focus and concern as a Doctor of Chiropractic is to give every person he comes into contact with the opportunity to thrive and express optimal health. Helping you to eliminate obstacles from lifestyles, diets, and ultimately the nervous system are the tools by which he can help achieve these goals.

"Watching patients and their families change, grow, and heal is extremely gratifying for me as a doctor" - Dr Shelby

Most of Dr Shelby's care involves analysis with some stretching and use of a non invasive hand held instrument called an activator and at times depending on the need, Dr Shelby may use another system of analysis and treatment called Applied Kinesiology to assist the patient in coming back into alignment with their health.




After years of suffering with debilitating back pain that could put me out of commission for extended periods of time, and countless doctor visits, x-rays, MRIs, steroid shots, epidurals and pain medications, I'd finally reached the conclusion that I was just going to have to accept the pain as a way of life. Then, a friend recommended Dr. Don Shelby. The relief after one visit was astonishing – after two, I realized I was virtually pain-free. A feeling I'd not experienced in years. I now am back to living my life fully, pain-free! I participate regularly in a Zumba class play tennis and dance. Periodic visits with Dr. Shelby keep me on the straight and narrow. I encourage anyone resigned to living with pain to visit Dr. Shelby. You will soon be a believer too.

Donna Lawson
Ooltewah, Tennessee


I heard of Dr. Shelby through friends for 14 years but was reluctant to try a new chiropractor as I'd struggled for years with low back & sciatic  pain and was treated by a NUCCA doctor in Atlanta Georgia since 1998 with great results so I refused to change. Although this doctor was very good, I was still dependent on pain management in order to "live my life" the way I wanted and still be able to be a mom, work, garden and volunteer with a K-9 rescue group etc. Over the years my body became resistant to the narcotics and I began experiencing withdrawal symptoms even when I was on the meds! Only 43, I was frustrated and annoyed beyond belief! Fearing what the future would hold, I searched for answers. Then the miracle happened – I stumbled upon Dr. Shelby in 2012 and remembered all the friends who had referred him. The morning after my first visit I woke up feeling alive for the first time since I was 14! I stood up and my ankle didn't hurt like it had for as long as I could remember, my sinuses were clear and I had no pain or headache! I picked up my cell phone to text my friend and realized that I wasn't wearing my reading glasses but I could read everything on my tiny screen! Three months later I decided to quit the meds cold turkey and Dr. Shelby assisted me through the withdrawal period. I began to live just like I had dreamed for so long, to wake up in the morning without having to drag myself to the medicine cabinet! I can garden, hike, run, and kneel down! Every day is beautiful and with minimal maintenance I am Loving my Life!!!

Tamra Robbins

Chattanooga, Tennessee


My wife and I had the great fortune to meet Dr. Don Shelby 15+ years ago. Our friendship began on a personal basis, not a professional one. Having personally experience the positive benefits of this type of treatment many times in my life (now 60+), I was pleased to know that not only now did I have a friend in our area, I also now knew a chiropractor if his services were needed.
As life would have it, both my wife and me would soon need the care provided by Dr. Shelby. I will have to truthfully state that of the many times I have sought help with back and neck problems from chiropractors in several states, the first visits were met with more positive results that I have anticipated. I found a special sense of caring that I had not seen in other practices. This was true for me as well as my wife.
I wish to thank Don for first his great friendship and sense of humor but also for the genuine nature demonstrated in each and every visit. I am convinced that God has given him a special gift that allows him to identify the issue at hand and then apply his gift that result in the return to a satisfying day to day activity. We have been blessed for knowing Don.

David Van Puffelen


Total Health Connection has been a great fit for my wellness goals for many years. I started getting adjustments due to chronic pain in my lower back, but continued to use the service once I realized that proper alignment was key to my overall health. I never realized that stress was the major factor in my becoming misaligned. I visit Dr. Shelby on a regular schedule now that I realize how the nerves and the spine work together. I laugh and tell my friends that I feel like I've gone to a one-stop shop when I visit him, ans he treats the body, mind, and soul. He truly cares about his patients, and it shows in his professional and nurturing style. I plan to continue using chiropractic as a foundation for my wellness and would certainly recommend Total Health Connection to others who care about their health.

Kathy York


I would like to recommend Christi Shelby as a massage therapist because she is “the best there is”!!! I would not waste my time with anyone else just because when she has completed her massage I am so relaxed that I can hardly even get off the table! She has worked out and massaged knots in my back and hip area that I didn’t think was even possible to do!. In my opinion she is the very best there is!!

JoAnn L.


Dr. Shelby is the best chiropractor I have ever encountered.  He not only recalibrates the human body, but he also teaches his patients how to stay well.  His technique is gentle, but effective.  I am never worried that he is going to hurt me, but I always come out of his office feeling better.  Dr. Shelby provides the help I need to get well and stay well.  His goal is my wellness, not his pocketbook, and I value his care all the more because I can trust his professional ethics.  I highly recommend Dr. Shelby to anyone seeking to get their body back in balance!

Linda Potter Crumley, Ph.D.

Dr. Donnelly is phenomenal! I came in a little over a month ago with back, neck, and torso pain and currently feel like a million bucks. Furthermore, I'm more educated on how to properly treat my spine and muscles on a day to day basis.


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